Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tune Up Utilities 2008 V 7.0.8004

Increase performance

It's difficult to start up Windows. It takes a long time to shut
Windows down. Programs take a long time to open. Games stall while
loading. Are you also under the impression that your PC's performance
is getting worse?

Eliminate the speed brakes in your system and avoid time-consuming new installations.

TuneUp Utilities 2008 helps you to optimally accelerate Windows, programs, and games and to bring your system back up to speed.

TuneUp Drive Defrag

Effective defragmentation for hard drives

* Significantly shortens the startup times of Windows, programs, and games

* Intelligent defragmentation provides for a noticeable boost in speed

* Optional automatic defragmentation in the background

TuneUp Registry Defrag

Defragment and repair the registry

* Reduces the number of fragments within the registry

* Repairs structural defects

* Releases unused memory

TuneUp StartUp Manager

Prevent the unwanted starting of programs

* Acclerates system start-up

* Displays automatically executed programs when Windows starts up

* Also lists programs not in the autostart folder

* Provides clear recommendations for and descriptions of several thousands of programs

TuneUp System Optimizer

Optimize Windows and accelerate Internet speeds

* Improves the system's performance

* Acclerates surfing and downloading of files

* Offers extensive advice for accelerating the system

Now with Windows Vista Support !

Expand the possibilities of your operating system:With TuneUp Utilities
2008, your system will be faster, morecomfortable and more secure. All
important aspects of systemconfiguration, security, cleanup and
maintenance can be accessedthrough a modern graphical interface.

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