Sunday, October 19, 2008

Max Payne DVD Rip (2008)


The employee of Management on struggle against drugs has nothing to
complain. It has all: the excellent work, the loving wife and the small
daughter. In a word, not a life, and the American dream which turns
around once the most terrible nightmare: any psychopath kills his wife
and the daughter. Henceforth at Max only one purpose � to revenge.

the revenge becomes complicated that unfairly accuse him of murder, and
all who feel like it, begin on it hunting � Police administration of
New York, the criminal world and the city authorities. Now it already
really has nothing to lose and there is nothing to be afraid. At such
desperate determination only Max Pejn is capable to throw light on all
secrets connected with destruction of his family, and the main thing,
to have satisfaction from revenge which he so thirsts.





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