Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kill Switch - PC ISO

It's a pretty refreshing experience to stumble upon a game with
little-to-no fanfare only to discover that it's more fun than you
originally bargained for. Of course during our busiest of seasons, it's
not really that unique of an occurrence, but it doesn't take away from
the fact that we get an oh-so pleasant feeling each and every time that
it happens. Such is the case with Namco's intense military shooter
kill.switch; a futuristic polar opposite of popular titles like
Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid.

Best described as a mix
between the Guy Pierce motion picture Memento and a solo version of
EA's Freedom Fighters, kill.switch has an interesting and compelling
premise: that is, to take a one man commando and use him to start a
devastating and all-encompassing global conflict. As you progress
through the game's six missions and 15 different stages, more and more
information about your rewired hi-tech soldier becomes available to
you; presented through a bizarrely-directed flashback that reveals a
longer piece of what really happened each time you see it. Needless to
say, things are definitely not what they seem.

By: Hip Games, Namco
Genre: Modern Shooter
Players: 1 Player (tech info)



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