Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trillian Astra v.4.0 Build 85

Over the years, the one point that has been continually driven home to
us is performance, whether it means operational speed or memory
consumption. We've made some great strides in this realm with Trillian

Start chatting faster

Between loading multiple plugins, parsing and initializing XML-driven
skins, and establishing connections to your IM accounts, the time it
takes to fully load Trillian has a tendency to decay over time. We've
improved performance across the board when loading Trillian to
eliminate the needless "wait time" between launching the application
and actually using it.

Redrawing times improved

Little things make a big difference. For Trillian Astra, we spent time
discovering why certain controls (a scrollbar, an icon, etc.) took
longer to redraw than others and optimized these routines when
possible. The differences are measured in milliseconds, but when you're
drawing 60+ user icons in a contact list these sub-second times can be
the difference between a quick product and a sluggish one.

Network connections are more efficiently managed

Another minor detail in speeding things up involves the connections
Trillian makes to IM services. With Trillian Astra, the routines to
handle both incoming and outgoing data have been heavily optimized to
ensure a speedy overall IM experience.

Memory usage reduced

You spoke, we listened. Trillian Astra represents the ultimate in
flexible, efficient memory usage; we've reduced the amount of memory
required for our XML routines by roughly 5MB and trimmed things here
and there whenever possible to decrease footprint further. If pretty
graphics aren't for you, using a barebones skin drops memory usage even

Memory leaks plugged

As with all releases of Trillian, time has been spent plugging memory leaks wherever they're found.

Skin variety with memory in mind

For the absolute minimalists among us, we'll be featuring a super
stripped-down skin that will barely register in overall memory usage!
As well, we're extending invitations to all current and past skinners
to bring their skins into modern Trillian times. We hope to offer as
many possibilities as we can by the time our final product is ready,
including various best-of-breed third party skins.

U can download Trillian from here

U will need this in order to download

User: beta
Pass: beta


CS removed the option to store your accounts locally so u need to do this in order to keep your connections:

1. add a new connection without checking "Automatically connect....." then exit Trillian; U'll need to do this step for all connections in case U have more than one (yahoo,msn,aim,icq,...). After the restart the connection is there and then U can check "Automatically connect..."

2. in time if U want to add a new connection, before adding it U need to uncheck "Automatically connect to this account at startup" from all others connections that U have and restart trillian. After restart no connection is made and U can add a new connection that is saved.



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