Thursday, August 21, 2008

Portable PcTools Desktop Mechanic Size: 7.6 MB

a clean registry should be one of the topmost priorities of a computer
user. A crowded registry file with lots of invalid entries can't lead
to anything good; on the contrary, it highly contributes to low system
performance, OS crashes, applications running like turtles and nothing
but problems for the user.

The Internet provides several
applications that can help you in the matter by automatically cleaning
the registry of obsolete, invalid or simply useless files. Some of them
are freewares, like CCeaner and Easy Cleaner, while others cost a small
fortune. Bottom line, we can say that just like in the case of
antiviruses, there is no ultimate registry cleaner on the market as
their scanning engine will always miss some of the files.

hey, it is better than doing a manual clean or re-installing your
operating system every couple of months (re-installing Windows depends
almost 90% of the software install/uninstall ratio and the amount of
files moved or copied on your computer).

PCTools came out with a
new system maintenance tool called Desktop Mechanic. The fans will
notice a similarity between Desktop mechanic and Registry Mechanic, but
the differences exist despite the same interface approach and the
reiteration of some features.

First of all, Desktop Mechanic is
a tool designed to take care of everything that concerns your desktop's
performance. The tool features a registry scanner, trace cleaning
options for Windows, web browsers, plugins, custom items and the
cleaning of the free space on your hard disk(s). Second, Desktop
Mechaninc comes equipped with defragmentation tools for both registry
and the files on your computer.



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