Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blu ray To Dvd Pro v1.10


Blu-ray to DVD is a high-performance application to split and burn
Blu-ray movies to multiple DVDs. It can burn Blu-ray disc movies or
harddisc Blu-ray files to AVCHD DVDs. Users are allowed to make
customized settings and selectable burning. The adjustment of subtitles
and audio tracks are both supported. If the Blu-ray movie is encrypted,
a third party decryption application, like AnyDVD HD, is needed.

Features of Bu-ray to DVD Pro:

* Perfectly splits and burns a Blu-ray movie to multiple DVDs

* 1:1 Blu-ray burning - 100% same to the original with absolutely no quality loss

* Excellent synchronized audio and video

* Selectable burning

* Saves all the subtitles and audio tracks

* Multiple types of source files supported

* Adds menu to the target DVD

(Note: Adding a menu will make the AVCHD disc incompatible with PLAYSTATION 3.)

* Defines the characters, font, color, background picture of the menu

* Pauses/Resumes the burning process

* Batch copying - You can define the number of discs to be burnt

* High burning speed

* Trial version - burns one Blu-ray disc for free





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