Saturday, August 2, 2008

Biorhythms Plus! 2008 v1.0.0 Premium

Biorhythms Plus! 2008 v1.0.0 Premium | 15 Mb
Chart, Analyze, and Compare Your Biorhythms

Biorhythms Plus! 2008 is a new, revolutionary biorhythms, astrology,
numerology program! Experience the power of biorhythms in a way you
never did before, let biorhythms improve your life today! The program
includes a host of functionality. There are over 10 major unique
features - never seen in other biorhythms software. Like activities,
alerts center, Outlook integration, Automatic Navigation, Threats and
Opportunities View, Built-in Tutorial, and much more. This amazing
functionality is accessible though beautiful and functional UI.
Features like super-tooltips make it easy to get the vital information
- be it a tip about how to use a certain feature, or information about
today’s moon phase, or biorhythm suggestion!

* 12 Built-In Cycles:
Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Intuitive, Mastery, Passion, Wisdom,
Aesthetic, Awareness, Spiritual, Perception, Psychic, Success.
* Create unlimited number of custom-length cycles, for example: precisely “24 days 5 hours” length cycle.
* Average cycles: Primary Average Cycle, I-Ching Average Cycle.
Detailed tips display a friendly text that explains your biorhythms
status for the current cycle-date combination, and tells you how many
days (and hours and minutes) into the cycle you are.

Core Features:
* Numerology support: general and date-specific numerology information.
* Astrology support: sun-zodiac signs and their descriptions, and more!
* Moon phase information readily available for selected days.
* Outlook integration allows easy export to Outlook to be automatically informed of upcoming good and bad days.
Alerts similar to Outlook’s notifications appear if the specified
conditions exist. Whenever there’s a critical day coming, full moon, or
whatever else you elected to be informed about, a small notification
will appear in the system tray area, letting you know.
* Activities
combine certain conditions into one event. For example you may want to
create “physical training” activity for days (hours) when Physical
Cycle is in it Active Phase, there is no Full Moon, and your Emotional
Cycle is above average. Whenever such conditions exist, physical
activity will be visible in Calendar, Timeline and Report views, and
you will be notified with the Alerts feature.
* Journal allows you to keep track of biorhythms prediction and allows the program to learn.

Navigation is a breeze with a variety of controls that allow you to
change the date range and other settings for the active view.
* You
can specify all values with top precision, for example you can set the
start date to begin at exactly 14:33 on particular date.
* You can
automatically “play” the Biorhythms Graph or Chart using AutoNav
feature that will shift the view forwards or backwards by the amount of
time you specify.
* Use mouse wheel to zoom in and out, as well as
to change the start date. Use mouse’s side buttons to navigate
backwards and forwards between different views, like you do in a browser

Data Presentation:
* 8 Built-in Views: Graph, Chart, Table, Calendar, Timeline, Text, Report, Threats & Opportunities.
* Details on the selected date & profile: moon phase, days lived, numerology and astrology status, and biorhythm cycles.
Images, representing cycle values, such as flags, smiley faces, etc.,
allow you to visualize your biorhythms status like never before! Smiley
face, for instance means you’re in good shape, sad one means you could
be better.

* Ribbon UI makes all the command
readily available. Profile, Cycle and Activity selectors make it easy
to select, organize and manage their respective items.
* Beautiful UI with animations, high definition icons, translucencies, and sound makes it a pleasure to work with the program.
Tabbed Multiple Document Interface makes it a breeze to see different
data views side by side for instant analysis and comparison. For
example, you can see Graph and Table views of the same data side by
* Printing is available for all data views and is a breeze to use with Print Preview and advanced Page Setup features.
* Wizards simplify various tasks such as adding several profiles at once.
* Start Up Welcome screen greets you and makes it easy to get started.
A host of options and settings are available to tweak the program to
your needs. Customize everything - from the date and time format to how
certain features work.

Help System:
* Live Previews in tooltips provide an instant feedback to the look and feel of a particular feature.
* Super-tooltips thoroughly describe what various command do.
Built-in Tutorial is automatically activated whenever you access a big
feature for the first time. It provides video help along with audio
voiceover to ensure learning this product is as easy and fast as
* First-Time Start Wizard allows you to configure the
product to suit your needs from the very beginning! You are not an
Astrology fan, then you can turn off this feature entirely and never
see it in the program.
* Comprehensive documentation in a form of a help file is also available for all those who need in-depth information.

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