Saturday, January 17, 2009

Advanced System Care PRO v3.1.2 - 01-16-2009, 06:51 PM

A Click A Day For Computer Repair, Protection & Optimization! This
comprehensive PC-care utility has a one-click approach. Advanced
SystemCare v3 (Formerly Advanced WindowsCare ) helps protect, optimize,
clean, and repair your computer and Registry � with daily use. With
just 1 click, slow down, freeze and crash are over. Advanced SystemCare
is the most easy-to-use, intelligent and powerful next-generation
system utility to repair your computer and let your windows fly.
Advanced SystemCare is a very useful system tweak application.

Advanced SystemCare v3 has New Features, New Interface, New Functions,
Improved Scanning, Cleaning, Repairing, and Optimizing, Triple Backup
Mechanism and Faster Loading. With the novel system technology,
Advanced SystemCare empowers you to run your computer faster, more
stably and more efficiently than with any other system utilities.

Features of this fantastic, award-winning, 100% free program include:

* Ending slow downs, freezes, crashes, and security threats.

* Scanning and finding what other utilities miss on your PC.

* Keeping your PC error-free and running more smoothly than ever.

* Designed for Windows Vista, XP, and 2000.

* Over 10,000,000 downloads since 2006.

* Availability is free of charge for private use.

* Plus, Advanced WindowsCare Personal is 100% safe and clean with no adware, spyware, or viruses.

Key Benefits:

� Extremely Easy to Use. Completes its work with just one click. Scans,
repairs and gives personal care to your PC in one minute.

� Defends Your PC with 100% Freeware. Scans and removes spyware and
adware using up-to-date definition files. Prevents spyware, hackers and
hijackers from installing malicious items on your computer. Erases and
updates your PC�s activity history.

� Cleans your Windows. Boosts your system�s performance by cleaning
missing files, destroying unwanted files, deleting obsolete files,
removing junk files, and eliminating corrupt registry entries.

� Keeps Your PC Running at Peak Performance. Tunes up Windows by
unleashing the built-in power of your system. Dramatically improves
both system and Internet performance.

� Fixes Multiple System Errors. Does more than a registry cleaner,
keeping your PC stable and running at peak efficiency. Repairs PC
configurations by eliminating system bottlenecks and preventing crashes.

� Safe and 100% Free. 100% free with no spyware or adware! Advanced
WindowsCare Personal Edition is a safe and trusted solution from a
leading software vendor.

What's New in version 3.0:

+ Added new functions, features and tools

+ Improved overall modules and functions

+ Applied new interface


* Improved update function

* Improved "Utilities" section

* Fixed general bugs