Thursday, October 8, 2009

StarCraft 2 (PC)

After a long down time with no news from Blizzard we finally get a bread crumb, and boy is it a good one. From Blizzard today we get a high quality Battle Report from on a Terran vs Protoss match.

Dustin Browder and Robert Simpson commentate on a game between Protoss player Matt Cooper and Terran player David Kim. In this game we get to see some of the new observer functionality during replays that Browder talked with us about during Blizzcon.

Running at 21 minutes the Battle Report is really an entertaining one. There are several battles where the victor could go either way. This is a great game to watch if you are new to the StarCraft universe or if you are an old vet just wanting to see what's new. 2 (PC).part1.rar?rid=253 2 (PC).part2.rar?rid=253 2 (PC).part3.rar?rid=253 2 (PC).part4.rar?rid=253 2 (PC).part5.rar?rid=253 2 (PC).part6.rar?rid=253


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