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Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein FULL/RIP

Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein FULL/RIP 1NCADEM.TR

Based on Atomic Games
award-winning Close Combat series, Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein brings
together the classic top-down tactical gameplay from the original
series and plenty of new features, expansions, and improvements!


remake based on Close Combat: Battle of the Bulge gives newcomers and
veterans to the series alike a vastly improved and expanded version of
the original experience.  The Wacht am Rhein remake comes with a brand
new Grand Campaign including a new strategic map with 64 gorgeous hand-drawn tactical maps, over 70 scenarios, tons of new interface and unit graphics, countless engine improvements, and much more!

In Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein, you take command of US or German
forces and either retrace the last steps of Hitler’s army in one
desperate attempt to turn the tide of the impending allied victory or
ride to the rescue with General Patton and push back the German
offensive to reclaim Bastogne.

Also included is a bonus “classic” version of the original Close Combat IV.

Things didn’t look good for the German Army in late 1944. The allies
had advanced as far as the West Wall and had taken back most of the
conquests of the Blitzkrieg.  Although the Montgomery’s plan to end the
war, Operation Market Garden, had failed there was still a palpable sense that the Allies were on the verge of a major victory.  With things not looking good
on the Eastern front either, Hitler decided to make one last gamble and
attempt to cut off a significant portion of the Allied army.  Throwing
in what remained of his feared Panzer divisions and his last reserves,
he drove through Belgium to Antwerp in what would be called 
Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein (translated as Operation The Guard on the
Rhine or Operation Watch on the Rhine).

At first it looked as
though Hitler’s plan had a chance of succeeding.  Early in the
operation the advance was reminiscent of the Blitzkrieg across Europe
early in the war.  Although undersupplied and under trained, US troops
still fought valiantly and in many spots offered pockets of stiff
resistance which despite the rapid German advance. The German advance
was quick, but as the days wore on, the advance out-paced its own
supply and stockpiles began to run low.
The situation was made worse with poor roads throughout the Ardennes
and difficult winter weather. Almost as quickly as the attack had
started, the advance ground to a halt.

To add insult to injury,
the 101st Airborne earned the nickname the “battered bastards of
Bastogne” by putting up a unrelenting defense for this strategic point
while vastly outnumbered and surrounded by heavily armored German
forces.  Refusing to back down, they prevented the Germans from
occupying the important Belgium crossroads town and scored a major
strategic and psychological victory for the Allies.  Later, as the
weather cleared, Allied air support was able
to decimate German supply columns and advancing armor. This bought
enough time for Patton’s armor and other reinforcements to arrive and
begin the long slow reduction of the Bulge the Germans had created in
the Allied line.

Now in this classic top down real time tactical
simulation, you take command of either US or German forces to retrace
these fateful days of the war. Attempt to turn the tide of the
impending Allied victory or desperately defend Bastogne while riding to
the rescue with General Patton’s 3rd Army.  In this vastly improved
rebuild based on the critically acclaimed and award winning Close
Combat series, You are in command!

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