Monday, December 8, 2008

Webroot Spy Sweeper Retail - Final - Full

Keep Your PC Safe from Spyware[/color
Spyware grows more
sophisticated every day. There's more of it, and it's more malicious
than ever before. Experts agree: Webroot Spy Sweeper delivers the most
advanced spyware detection, blocking and removal available to beat
dangerous spyware programs.

Browse Where You Want, When You Want
and annoying spyware can infect your system in many different ways when
you use the Internet. Webroot Spy Sweeper gives you 360 degrees of
protection. Powerful Smart Shields offer real-time protection by
blocking known and emerging spyware threats as you browse - before they
ever reach your computer and personal information. If your PC is
already infected, Webroot Spy Sweeper's advanced discovery methods
locate and completely destroy malicious spyware that hides within your
PC - even spyware that hides using rootkit technology.

Download Your Favorite Music, Pictures and Videos Without Spyware Intruders
sharing programs and swapping music, photos or other files are
notorious avenues for spyware infection. Webroot Spy Sweeper can
effectively identify slight changes in new spyware threats or variants
to prevent spyware threats from ever installing on your PC.

Stay Ahead of New Spyware Threats with FREE Defense Updates
ensure you have the most advanced spyware detection available, we
constantly expand Webroot Spy Sweeper's definition database. As a Spy
Sweeper subscriber, we pass this powerful spyware detection arsenal on
to you through regular automatic updates.

More Time Computing, Less Time Solving Computer Problems
infection can slow you down while online, or even prevent you from
using your PC. Webroot Spy Sweeper quickly provides maximum protection
with minimal interaction. Our completely upgraded user interface makes
it easier than ever for users of all abilities to stay protected. With
an easy-to-use console and customizable options, Webroot Spy Sweeper
makes scanning for spyware a breeze.

Changes in version 6.0:
NEW! Even more effective against spyware and virus threats
NEW! Enjoy uninterrupted games and movies
NEW! Global early response network
NEW! Protection for the latest 64-bit Windows Vista� PCs
NEW! Enhanced protection against hackers

Minimum System Requirements
* Compatible with: Windows 2000, Vista and XP
* Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher or FireFox 2.0 or higher for connecting to the Webroot web site.


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