Saturday, July 12, 2008

Everest Ultimate Edition

This extensive system diagnostic and report generator suffers from a
major operation flaw. Everest Ultimate Edition's file-tree interface
makes it very simple to find and view information about your system.
The program expects a certain amount of user experience. Individual
system items are not explained, although simple function operation is
covered in the help file.
Everest Ultimate Edition will list most of
the facts about your system. Separating your system into 15 areas, it
quickly, and with few resources, lists the details of your hardware and
much of your software. With just a click, you can find your CPU,
motherboard, and operating system information. Without opening your PC,
this app can list your PCI devices and their operating states. Where
this program both shined and failed was in its report-writing
functions. The quick reports were as speedy as promised. Select system
information is captured and a report is written in a few seconds in
either text or HTML format. However, our testers found the full system
Report Wizard would run amok. The wizard would generate reports for
every tested area of the system. Eventually, it would take almost all
available system resources and crash itself and some other apps.




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